About Me

Engineering Student with a Twist and a knack of solving day to day problems using Technology.

Pursuing Bachelor of Engineering in IT from Army Institute of Technology , Pune (Class of 2019 ) . Currently studying in Second Year . I like building and breaking things . Love experimenting and learning new tools related to Coding , Software and Hardware to increase my Skill set and widen my horizons . I am into Racket Sports and Reading . Debater . Dog Lover . Army Brat .

Things I Can Do

In India , an Engineer is not expected to know much . He should be adept at studying at the eleventh hour and binge watching Tv Series back to back . Still here are a few skills that I have acquired along the way :

  • Code in Python
  • Code in C / C++
  • Application of Basic Algorithms used in Competitive Programming
  • Computer Graphics using OpenGL
  • Front End Development
  • Debate on the Weirdest topics in the world

A Few Accomplishments

Listed Below are some of the Accolades , Trophies and Certificates acquired by :

Python Certification

Received Python Programmer Certification from MITU Skillologies and also completed "Programming and Data Structures in Python" course on NPTEL with 82% marks .

6 Day 3-D PLM Workshop

Attended 6 day workshop at 3D PLM Laboratory . Observed Lego Bots , 3D Printer , Quad Copter and Popppy Robot and their working . Also worked on 3D Experience software.

Project Presentation

Secured Second rank in Project Presentation Competition at DY Patil Pimpri with cash prize sponsored by Calsoft . Also secured Second Position in Coding and First Position in GDPI event at same college .

Contact Me

Feel free to reach me if you have any Queries, Suggestions, Opportunities, Projects or Ideas that we could work on together. Ping me if you want to have a look at my Resume .I would love to hear from you.